Fearless Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream: Act 3 Scene 2 | SparkNotes (2023)

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ProhibitedOBERON, king of fairies, solus

OOREBN, o rFiya Kgin, nsetre.


I wonder if Titania will be awakened.

Then the next thing caught your eye

What she must fall in love with extremely.


I would know if naaTiit aawek is eyt, dna if he is I would know what eth srift nhitg hse was. aevhWert é, ehs smtu be oeltpmylec in leov twhi es wno.



Here comes my messenger. What now, mad spirit?

5What night rules this enchanted forest now?

What you mean? Wtah cohav veha oyu headkeraw in ihts atpr of the eforst?


My mistress is in love with a monster.

Close to your narrow and hallowed shelter,

While she was in her sad sleeping hour,

A crew of patches, rough mechanics

10This work for bread on the Athenian stalls,

We met to rehearse a play

Intended for Theseus' big wedding anniversary.

The flatter thick skin of this sterile variety,

Which presents Pyramus in his sport,

15Left your scene and hit the brakes,

When I used it to that advantage,

An asshole I put in his head.

Soon your Thisbe must be answered,

And that's where my facial expressions come from. if they spy on you

20Like wild geese who steal the bird's eye,

Or reddish-brown crows, many in various types,

Rising and croaking with the cannon's report,

Unplug and sweep the sky like crazy

So, on seeing him, his companions flee;

And with our seal, here it falls and falls.


My missestir Tnitaai is in ovel hiwt a tremosn. Wheli hes war lseniegp in erh edb of efrlwos, a group of munblbig oidists, rhoug okmrnew mrfo neAths, got otehtger rbynea to reeeshar meos ypla eyth plna to perform in Tesuessh ddgnwei yad. The teutissdp eno, the uymaPsr in hrite lpya dapley, ensifihd its nesce nad etwn to sit on the usbshe to wait for your etnx suggestion. I asked thta nopoyitptru to tksic a yedsnko aedh in hmi. When it was determined for him to go bkca gsteona nad tkal to hsi hTiseb he left eth bsehus and vneoreey swa hmi. His Inefrds rna wyaa as stfa as sdkuc tecrtsa ewnh hyte aerh a urhsetn tgunohs. One of them was so nhtgedeifr when he had my spofsoett that he deylle, errduM! dna ldcale to pelh rfmo nthesA. yTeh reew all so ifraad atth hyet peeomcllty tslo your cnmmoo sense. eThy tadstre to bmcoee scarde from nniamitea tjecsbo, deierfitr for the throne and irsbra taht accth in reith ltconigh nda pull ffo erthi Elesevs nad stha. I share on your hgdnifreet, atdciesdrt ttaes and eflt ewset

He kills! Athena cries and cries for help.

Your sense so weak lost with your fears so strong

Absurd things start to hurt.

By brambles and thorns on your piece of clothing,

30Some sleeves, some hats catching all things.

I continued to lead her in this scattered fear

And left the sweet Pyramus there translated.

When did that moment happen

Titania woke up and immediately loved an ass.

mauysPr rhete, faotmsrndre tion eosonme directly for ydnseok deah. Bei hatt eatcx mtnmoe, iaTtain kweo up e emmeltidiay lfel in vole ihtw imh, an sas.


35This turns out to be better than I could have imagined.

But have you ever caught the eyes of the Athenians?

With the love juice like I asked you?


ishT is ngogi eevn tbeter atnh I landpne. Btu avhe uoy put eth loev ijcue mofr the lessrol in the eyes of ttha tnehanAi as I ask you?


I took him while he was sleeping, that's over too

And the Athenian at his side,

40That when he woke up, she should be looked at hard.


eYs, I onfdu mih when he saw that lesopesa athst files arce of daoont eht haentnAi anwmo aws slpieneg deserves it. When he wakes up, he must see you.




(BesideROBIN)stay close. This is the same Athenian.


(epinaskg so ttah nyloORNBIA rabbit)Etapa disae. eeHrs the enahAnit imnogc wno.


(BesideOBERON)This is the woman, but not the man.


(singepak so hatt loynOOBERNanc rhae)sahtt tliieendyf eth mawon i saw when sit tno het the same amn.


Oh, why do you blame the one who loves you so?

Put such bitter breath upon thine bitter enemy.


hyW and you two drue to nsoeoem hwo vsloe you so uhcm? veaS that idkn of shhra elgunaag rfo yruo torsw meyne.


45Now I'm just blaming it, but I should use you worse.

For you, I fear, have given me cause to curse.

If you killed Lysander while he slept,

Be in the blood on the shoes, dive into the depths,

And kill me too.


I'm not sure what to do, but I'm not sure what to do, but I'm not sure what to do. If you want aeLsydnr and he saw npliegse, then eoryu yraelda until uryo lkasne in lobod. Yuo gihtm like llew loves rgtih onit a loohdtbab and llki me, oot.

50The sun wasn't so faithful to the day

Like him to me. Would he have stolen?

Of the sleeping Hermia? i believe so soon

All this earth can get bored, and the moon gets

Can crawl through the middle and thus displease

55His brothers at noon with the antipodes.

It can't be that you didn't kill him.

This is how a killer must look, so dead, so dark.

He schwa meor tufaflhi for me, tnha hte nus is very hte eyimatd. Wodul he vaeh was wyaa rofm me lehiw did i see please? Ill beeevil htta hewn I eilebev htta rotest a leoh gtrhouh hte treecn of het ehrta, and het nmoo saw desspa lal hte awy guhhrot to hte reoth ides. Teh lnoy iolbsyistpi is why you remember him. A uemrrdre usohld lkoo ikle uoy do, so elap and gimr.


This is how the murdered man must look and so do I

It pierced the heart with its stern cruelty.

60But you, the assassin, look so bright, so clear

Like that Venus in her glittering orb.


hasTt who oncemo ohsw was rreddmeu luhods okol, and satht woh I kool. uevYo rpieedc me uogthhr het etarh tiwh uyor urteylc, nda ety yuo, eht rmedurre, oklo as ihrbtg e arecl as srta in the kys.


What does this mean for my Lysander? Where is he?

Ah, good Demetrius, will you give it to me?


tahW osde ttah vhea to do with my edyaLrns? Where is he? Oh, Godo eesturDim, will I find it from me?


I prefer to feed his carcass to my dogs.


I would give hrtrae ish creops to my gsdo.


65Out, dog! Out, mongrel! You push me beyond limits

Girl patience. did you kill him?

From now on you will never be numbered among the people again!

Oh, tell the truth, tell the truth, even for my sake

Did you see him awake?

70And you killed him while he was sleeping? O bold touch!

A worm, a viper, could not do so much?

An adder did this, because with a dual tongue

Like thine, O serpent, no viper has ever been stung.


Good photo, thanks! the yellow irnedv me to my wsti then. would you like me, ethn? Frör has gained a nice place in the city of vene escinord yuo. Oh, etll your teeth stand out orfo once. tell them uhrtt se oyln for my eaks.lduWo yuo avhe always scared of okolk in mhi ehwn ehwn did he see aawek? dAn you have him lkil lihwe er aws epglseni? Oh, oh, the pure of ouy! A ksean odulc does just like you. A knsae did it, esbeacu he didn't ask evre ahd a rmoe odfekr, igynl eonutg htna you ehav.


You spend your passion in misunderstood humor.

75I don't owe Lysander blood.

As far as I can tell, he's not dead either.


Yreuo ittgnge all redwk up over a denitisngrumdsan. Idtnd sick sdanLyre. As far as I know, ehs otn even added.


Please tell me he's okay then.


ehTn spaeel tlle me esh lal igtrh.


And if I could, what should I get for it?


If I had ldto uoy, I ahwt ldowu etg tou of that?


A privilege never to see me again.

80And of your hated presence I share.

Don't see me anymore, whether he's dead or not.


ehT ivegliepr by erven iesegn me angai. So I have to rate ryuo psiddsee cpanmoy. You will see me here whether he is or not.




There's no chasing her in this wild vein.

So I'm going to be here for a while.

Then the burden of worry becomes heavier

85For debts that sleep with sadness,

Which will now compensate to a small degree,

If I stay here per your offer.

(lay down and sleep)


I can go to your new eikl tish in a year. So I get tired here for a while. sasedSn estg swear if ouy ntehav had ouenhg leeps. Ill ytr lseep a etllit eehr.(DEMETRIOlsie dwno and sallf saelpe)


(ForROBIN)What have you done? you were completely wrong

90And put the juice of love in sight of true love.

Your missprison must be the inevitable consequence

Some true loves came true, and no false loves came true.


(ForROBIN)Why are you one? veouY did a ksatime nad ptu teh oevl-ujice on omnesoe seel, Oneosm swimming in ovel utlyr. ueBeacs of yrou etimkas osmnesoe rteu eolv utms vaeh uertnd bda, sitande this sanm lsafe lvoe ienbg product ntio a rtue olev.


So fate decides that a man keeps the faith,

A million fails, mistaking an oath for an oath.


In htta esca it is quite tafe. Tsath, the Eye of the Ordwl. oFr revye nma sow hualftfi to his true love, he will then rise uignnnr taerf an ftdiferne voler.


95Through the forest go faster than the wind,

And Helen of Athens, see, you find

She is very imaginative and pale with joy,

With sighs of love, it costs dear fresh blood.

By some illusion you see bringing them here.

100I will delight your eyes when she appears.


Go urdnao hte frsote, moinvg srftae hnat eht dinw, nda kmae suer uyo fndi aHnlee of Ahstne.hSes csviolek, nda rhe aefc is aepl omfr lla teh gnihigs ehss been ogndi, sbuacee sgigihn is adb rof the blodo. rBngi, therefore, with weosm rctik ou lnouilsi, and eu utp o carmh on sih eesy the r nehw seh scemo.


i will, i will look how i go

Faster than Tartar bow arrows.


I go, I go, kloo me an taesfgor ahtn an rowra rfmo a

ataTsrr Die strTraa rwee a peepol von saai Moinr msuafo rof hirte rhcraey rasatTr





(Squeeze the juice from the flowerDEMETRIOEyes)

flower of this crimson dye,

105hit with cupids bow and arrow,

Sink into your eyeball.

When he feels your love

Let it shine so beautifully

Like the Venus of Heaven.

110If you wake up when it's over

Ask her for help.


(ngupitt wflore cjieu emFROST SUMMERs eslieyd)

uoY eprulp ewrofl, ith by sCupdi worra, nski tnio eht lupsip by htis amsn esye. nWhe he see the ligr he ulodhs eovl, aekm ehr emse as higrbt to hmi as eht nnigeev tsra. onugY me when you wake up when you know have the honor of finding your evslcensisok.


BONRITo the right.


captain of our fairy band,

Helena is here at hand,

And the youth deceived by me

115I appeal for a lover's fee.

Shall we see your tender suit?

Lord, what fools these mortals are!


AleHne is nbeayr, hiccups. The gynou nma owh I msookti ou de hist oen is ethehr oto, gegibgn she to oevl him. odhuSl we hawtc hits ioiurcsudl escen? Lrod, wtah flsoo ethes rltosam aer!


Stand aside. The noise they make

Go wake up Demetrius.


pEST edias. hte iesno ertyhe nmgkai lwil ekaw up eietrsumD.


120So two at once woo one.

That has to be the sport alone.

And those are the things I like the most

This happens absurdly.


hnte eh dois deles tbho euspru noe girl. That will be nuyf hugneo, and etsrrosppoeu tiiutonsas are my toairvfe nghit.




Why do you think I should hold in contempt?

125Mockery and mockery never reach tears.


Why do you think I leave you, nehw I let you fly? pPeelo don't cry with your eyes erhtey omgickn nosmeeo.

See when I swear I cry. And swear like this born

At your birth, all truth appears.

As these things in me may seem mockery to you,

Wear the badge of faith to prove they're true?

Lkoo, if I atth I olive oyu aersw, I ryc, and if oneomes reics wlieh sie akingm a spierom, he sylualu lngelti hte rhtut. Who can see it as iikle Im animgk nfu de yuo, hnwe my trase opvre htat Im scnriee?


130You keep pushing your cunning.

When truth kills truth, O devilish holy battle!

These vows are Hermias. you agree with her

Weigh oath with oath, and you will weigh nothing.

Your wishes for her and me, weighed in two scales,

135It will even weigh, and both as light as fairy tales.


uoY etg irktcrie and iekirctr. ueYov adme hte meas speirosm to me dna to mhireeHtya catn tohb be ture! eTyh tripping hobbt sei aeslf. eTh iorsmsep yuroe angimk for me oblneg to aemHir. l Will you keep the door? Wenn oyu iegwdeh teh sesipmro yuo edam para mim tasgain eth osesirmp yuo made to rhe, hdety mcoe uto teh mhsyteea htob heigw gnnioht. Then install Sie yeehTr eils.


I had no judgment when I swore to her.


i reply iinknhgt lycrela newh i am from esshot esrsmoip to reh.


Neither in my opinion, now you give her the offer.


dAn I nodt elieebv eoyur kihitngn eaylcrl own, as oyu aerbk toshe rpsosime.


Demetrius loves her and he doesn't love you.


euesiDtmr vsloe ehr, e ele otnsed loev uyo.


(wake up)O Helena, goddess, nymph, perfect, divine!

140To what, my love, shall I compare your eyes?

The crystal is muddy. Oh how mature on the show

Your lips, those kissing cherries, look tempting!

That pure and coagulated white snow of high Taurus,

Scattered by the east wind, it turns into a crow

145When you raise your hand Oh let me kiss you

This princess in pure white, this seal of bliss!


(ainwgk on)Oh Heelna, you descendant, your night is often not satisfied! atWh nac I rcaempo Running Eyes to? trlyaCs is as real as Hyte rea. Oh, ruoy ipsl rae as iper as a rpia of igntetpm hsecirre ichnutog eahc eothr! eTh rpeu ehtwi by theh nsow in a tonnipmoatu looks black like a rwosc inwg exnt to het ensteswhi by oruy hnasd. Oh, lte me ikss uyro ltiubeauf twhei nhad. It makes me so excited!


O challenge! Oh hell! I see you're all bent over

To fight with me for your joy.

If you were polite and knew politeness,

150You wouldn't hurt me so bad.

You can't hate me like I know

But you also have to gather souls to mock me?

If you were men, as men you are on the show,

You wouldn't use a nice lady like that


mDan it! I ese oyeru lal ndermetied to attack me or some ghalus. If you ever ahd yna esranmn, uoy udntwlo tatre me ikel itch. atnC uoy sjtu ahte me how I wish you? Do you want to make me go away? If you were once different than you thought, lnutwod aettr a ydal stih way, praise kgiman adn rpoismse nda gnsairpi my ybaute knowing that our elylra hbto ssugddite is mine. Yoeru ignpocemt orf

155Swear and swear and praise my parts

When I'm sure you hate me with all your heart

You are rivals and love Hermia,

And now the two rivals mock Helena

A tight holding, a male company,

160To put tears in a poor maid's eyes

With your mockery! None of the noble kind

I would insult and blackmail a virgin like that

A poor soul of patience, all to make you sport.

rmieHsa olev, and they eyrou giopncetm for ees that noe of uyo nca fazem of mim heat stom. shaTt a kind aeid, a laerly lnyma ngthi to andogmki a oopr ilgr cyr! No slrtpecbeae rpeosn owlud dnfeof an ictnonne gilr tsju to avhe meos ufn.


You are cruel, Demetrius. Don't be so.

165Because you love Hermia. you know that, i know that

And here, with all my good will, with all my heart,

In Hermia's love, I give you my share.

And yours from Helena bequeaths me,

Who I love and will do until I die.


Don't be cruel, ScheimiurDt. I know you develop evol rhemia and you know I don't. hitRg eerh, hgtri own, I sreaw Im gingvi up all my iacslm on ehr nda idgnnha hre to oyu. In aencxghe, vgie ruoy mlcai para leov eeHnal, nscei I take reh e voel her until I die.


170Never again did I waste idle breath on scoffers.


dobyson reev neog to so humc uetrlbo jstu to kame nfu von emoeson.


Lysander, keep your Hermia. I am not going.

If I ever loved her, all that love is gone.

My heart goes out to her, but as a guest resident,

And now for Helen has come home,

175to stay there.


sLrdyane, see your emHari. Idton atwn reh. If I already hear a dream, lal ttha lveo is geno defeated. My elov orf erh swa oyrmapret. oNw llI vleo leeHna efvorre.


Helena, it's not like that.


anHlee, sit down for rute.


Don't slander the faith you don't know

So that you do not love at your own risk.

Look where your love is going. There's your love.


Dtno isntlu a epde elov hatt uoy tdno ndtaendsru or llouy pay eht iprec. Wenn, rhee cesmo has nmaow uoy ovle.




180Dark night that deprives the eye of its function,

The ear makes things more tangible.

while impairing the sense of sight

She pays the audience twice her salary.


Ist hrad to ese lelacyr in eth kdra of gniht, tbu is eaisre to ahre wlle.

You will not be found by my eyes, Lysander.

185My ear, thank you, brought me to your sound

But why did you make me so cruel?

I loutdcn that uoy, ensLadyr, übt I ehrad ruyo cevoi, and taths woh I udnfo yuo. Why are you taking Elnoa so far away from me?


Why should he stay, whom love urges to go?


Why ytas nweh lveo you still want to go?


What love could incite Lysander to my side?


utB wtha loev ucold kmea my eLsdnayr me veale?


Lysander's love didn't keep him waiting

190Beautiful Helen, who gilds the night more

Than all your Oes of fire and eyes of light.

why are you looking for me couldn't let you know

Did the hatred I feel for you make me leave you like this?


I dha to uhryr to my love, utfabeliu aeHlne, owh tislgh up eht htnig etetbr htan lla sheto iefry sstra. yhW and who lnikogo from me? Isn't it true that I felt you when I ate you?


You don't talk like you think. It can not be.


Let's get our ropes. It's peobsimlis.


195See, she is one of that confederacy!

Now I realize they connected all three

Doing this sport wrong despite me.

Wounding Hermia! Most ungrateful employee!

You conspired, you invented with these

200To lure me in with this filthy mockery?

It's all the advice we both share

The sisters swear the hours we spent

If we blame the rushed time

Goodbye weoh, is everything forgotten?

205All school friendship, childlike innocence?

We, Hermia, like two artificial gods,

Have with our needles a flower

Both in a sampler, sitting on a cushion,

Both sing a song, both in the same key,

210As if our hands, our sides, voices and thoughts,

It was embedded. That's how we grew up together

Like a double cherry that looks split

But a union in division

Two beautiful berries formed on a stem;


So check out isht too! i'll see that lal heetr from tmhe eahv ntotge rthtegoe to yapl shit rluec cktri on me. uuHfrlt emiHra, uoy laugrutnfe lrgi, hvae uoy nisocpred com teshe two to krvoeop me thiw this birerhol nstgiea? aevH yuo gfeoortnt lal het astlk evwe ahd ogrteteh, teh sowv we emad to be ilek isrsste to eon anetohr, lla teh urhso we tpnes rehottge, iisghwn atht we rveen hda to ysa eyvdheaobgo you oenorgftt? urO hnsdfpirie in oru yldosacohs, uro hdodihcol noceniecn? Demos sti rohgteet dna sewing neo forew thiw rou two delnees, wngeis it on noe icpee of lhtoc, tting on eht naht nshiouc, nsnggii eon sngo in eht mesa yek, como se ruo danhs, uor sseid, uor oeisvc dna our imsnd weer ustck toegrhet . We would like to rtegetoh eilk wint cerershhiicwh make me be spaced but also ewttrtohgoe eovlly hsrcreei in a mtes.

215So, with two apparent bodies, but one heart,

Two of the first, like cloaks in heraldry,

Due to only one and crowned with a coat of arms.

And you will destroy our old love

Mocking your poor friend along with the humans?

220It's not friendly, it's not virginal.

Our sex, just like me, can blame you for

Though only I feel the pain.

We must separate Eibdos, but we have enough Rheta. Would you like to die on the other side of someone else's infifdsre to ltinsu our oorp drneif? It's ont drlyfeni, not this ont iedalalkyl. llA namew uwdlo be straight angry if you call him though i'm a nylo swho turh for him.


I am in awe of your passionate words.

I don't despise you It seems you despise me.


I'm oemcptleyl fuddmundoeb about what royue aysing. I'm not sutlining uyo. It's more klie yorue utlgnsini me.


225You didn't pose Lysander as if you were mocking,

To follow me around and compliment my eyes and my face?

And her other love, Demetrius

Who rejected me with his foot now

To call me goddess, nymph, divine and rare,

230Precious, heavenly? That's why he says that

For her he hates? And why Lysander?

Deny your love so rich in your soul

And truly give me affection

But through your attitude, through your consent?

235What though I'm not as kind as you

So hung with love, so happy

But the most miserable of loving unloved?

You should feel sorry for it instead of despising it.


Come on ofnsec. esdDn this dense sdyeLarn, how lsunit to make me loflow onaudr sarpingi my eesy in my eafc? vHetan oyu dmea oury ohert ovle, iDowtemshuer cikked me ihtw hsi frequently ont lgon aollcga me a essddgo than a eviidn, rera, ocispreu, leheyvn eecrarut? Who did he mistake for a girl he's not dating? nAd yhw dseo yasredLn endy tath he evslo yuo, wnhe he lvos you so edeylp? Why would he swear me any cioaftenf, unesls ouy tldo mhi to? yhW eat it rtm i had not so lcuky or elvboal as you hear nad taht teh elov I eelf is dnrtuuiqee? You write to me for nothing, for me.


I don't understand what you mean by that.


Eu tdon wokn htwa euroy kiangtl otbua.


240yes, make persistent, fake sad looks,

Talk to me when I turn my back

Wave to each other, hold the sweet joke

This sport, well spent, deserves to be registered.


Great. llA thgri go there peep your tillet eagm eetdpnr to be thptmyaiices practice hnet dnuge ahce oterh and ikwn and come ecfsa to me when i pass behind my back. eKpe up ruoy ednruofwl mage. oeurY ngiod ushc um odgo ojb in sith rcikt, eoesmn slohud rwit a oobk oabt it.

If you have piety, grace or good manners,

245You wouldn't make an argument like that to me.

But goodbye. It's partly my own fault

Which death or absence will soon remedy.

If you have the essence of Ipty or Rnsenma, you must contact Tifgh ovre me lkie sith. utB edobygo. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I can do it. Lrginevoa idngwllyi noos taken from hyegnvetri.


Stay, gentle Helena. hear my apologies

My love, my life, my soul, beautiful Helena!


yatS, vlyleo eleHan. Lnitse for my box. My vleo, my field, my ousl, bitlauuef elnaHe!


250Oh, excellent!


thTsa a odog eno.



Sweet, don't despise her so much.


(ForLYSANDER)Don't unitsl reh eilk ttha, Lenydars rlingda.


If she can't ask, I can force it.


(ForLYSANDER)If you want to keep this ptso lgnutsini nlHeae, you can do it.


You can't force more than she asks.

Your threats are no more powerful than your feeble prayers.

255I love you In my life, I do.

I swear on what I'll lose for you

To prove him wrong, who says I don't love you.


You can believe from me any Omer athn erHmia nca ebg me. roYou ahttser rae no rornegst ahtn reh nnwgihi.aeHlen, I leov uyo. I know I do llI ievg my flei rof ouy, tjus to vrpeo sith uyg ngrow se he naughty i odnt eolv uoy.


I say I love you more than he can do.


I yas ttah I velo oyu emor thna he sdeo.


If you say so, take it out and taste it too.


If he can unfreeze you that fast, then duel me if you survive.


260Quick, let's go


Yreuo even more. Do it.


Lisandro, what is all this for?


dsnrLaye, werhe Ohr oyu ggnio twhi lal htis?

(seguraLYSANDERturn back)

(seh lhsdoDIESELcbba)


(ForSimulator)Out, Ethiopia!


(ForSimulator)Heavens, you CifaArn!


(ForSimulator)No no. hell

seem to resolve.


(ForSimulator)No no. Hlle tca eilk you ingog to raebk free from ouy, rmaeHi.


Guess how you would go

265But it hasn't arrived yet. You are a meek man, go!

(ForLYSANDER)ednerPt leik euryo onggi to llwfoo me, tbu hnte odtn eomc. Yerou a wadcro, a weapon of eehr!


(ForSimulator)Get out, you cat, you burdock! Disgusting thing, let it go

Or I'll shake you off me like a snake.


(ForSimulator)tpSo gaihnng on me, ouy handle, oyu tnrho. Let me go or I'll kill you like an Eksan.


Why did you become so rude? What kind of change is this

sweet love?


yhW aehv yuo tegtno so low? Wstah aphnedep for you my gandlri?


Your love? Out yellow tartar, out!

270Away, detested medicine! O hated potion, therefore!


Are you aingrdl? etG tuo, ouy adkr-esnkdni pyygs! Gte shot, the nipsoo error. Outside!


Are you not kidding?


are you well


Yes, true, and so are you.


From osceur he is, dna is also uyo.


Demetrius, I will keep my word to you.


rhythmeuDs, Im dyrea to igthf uoy als drmeiops.


I wish I had your bond cause I realize

A weak bond holds you. I won't take your word for it.


I whis he dah a nidesg geall tnrcctoa. I ance that odnt kpee ruyo sspiroem ervy lewl. I do not need you.


275What, should I hurt her, beat her, kill her?

Even if I hate her, I won't hurt her like that.


What? You find me to hit Hraemi, truh reh, lkli here? RueS, I aeth ehr, tub I ntwoold tuhr know.



What, can you harm me more than hate?

Hate me? Why? Oh me! What news, my dear?

280Am I not Hermia? Aren't you Lysander?

I'm as beautiful now as I used to be.

You love me since the night But since the night you left me.

So why did you leave me Oh gods forbid!

Seriously, should I say?


(ForLYSANDER)aCn uyo rhtu me yna more work by siayng uoy ehat me? Do you have me? Why? tasWh ppaenhde to uoy, my lveo? am i not iHrmae? Are you layered? I am as ufeibtalu nwo as I swa a ltleti eihwl gao. You must also let me know where we live, but what you say, you tell me. So eftl Oehm, oGd help me! oFr rlea?


Yes, for my life

285And I never wanted to see you again.

So be hopeless, doubtless, doubtless.


I canlyrite idd when i nvree adent to see yuo angai. So tspo ghiopn DNA eronwgind as I call it.

Rest assured, nothing is truer. This is not a joke

That I hate you and love Helena.

Iev will separate it from r uyo layerrcel. It's not oejk. I don't have this evol aeHnel.


Oh me!

(ForHELENA)You juggler! You crab flower!

You love thief! What, you came at night?

And stole my beloved heart from him?


Oh no!(ForHELENA)O you Teisckrtr, you Ensak! you eight! Ah, you snuck in there and let my Volserthae mold me?


Well I believe!

You have no modesty, no girl shame,

No hint of shyness? What, are you going to tear

295Impatient answers from my gentle tongue?

Wow, wow! You forger, you puppet, you!


Oh, htsta yerv cnie! ouy ghuot, be oyluerfs eahmsad! erYuo oggni, to make me dma uoegnh to seawrn yuo? Dnma ouy, you crfea, you puppet!


puppet? So why? Yes, that's how the game works.

Now I realize she made a comparison

Between our stature. she pushed her height,

300And with your personality, your great personality,

His greatness, verily, it triumphed with him.

And you've grown so high in your esteem

Why am I so small and so short?

How low am I, did you paint the Maypole? To speak.

305how low i am i'm not that deep yet

But that my nails can reach your eyes.


peutPp? Wyh pteppu? Oh, I'm sorry, it's ngoig. ehsS inlkta autbo ruo efinrcefed in highth. Sesh stops by imh's otrnf to find out how old she is. hSe nwo he eorv thwi her gthhei.seEle she has a high inipono de uyo cabeues im so orhst? And that? So how am I, yuo ditpnae rbebar opel? eTll me. How I am? Im tno oot rhsto to geoug oryu eyes otu with my nilgnirseaf.



I beg you though you mock me, gentlemen,

don't let them hurt me I was never cursed.

310I have no gift for sophistication.

I'm a real servant for my cowardice.

don't let her hit me you might think

Because she is a little shorter than me

May I accompany you.


(ForYSDNRELAannouncementDEMETRIO)laesPe ntdo tel reh see me, eelngmetn, eoehwrv mcuh uoy cortou to see me. I have a muhc and ihwt nlisust. I am not mnea and tightc keil erh.I am an ince hsy rlig. ElsaP ntod elt reh hti me. abeMy yuo iktnh taht esebuca sseh trrseho tnah me I nac ktae erh.


Lower? Listen again!


trustMuch! Behold, hses odngi it agony!


315Good Hermia, don't be so bitter with me.

I always loved you Hermia

Already took your advice, never harmed you

Save this, in love with Demetrius,

I told him about his secret in this forest.

320he followed you I followed him for love.

But he scolded and threatened me for it

To beat me, to despise me, to kill me too.

And now, so will you let me go,

I'll take my madness back to Athens

325And don't follow you anymore. Let me go.

You see how simple and affectionate I am.


Gdoo aemriH, leseap tond tca so ttireb wodrat me. I wsaayl odevl uoy, aiHrem, dan gaev ouy deaivc. I enevr idd haigtnyn to thru xoeucpyet cnoe, nehw I oldt tmsreieuD ttha uoy delnnap to eknas fof iont sith ofrets. nAd I lyon idd that ecuebas I ldove Dmeetirsu so muhc. He dloofwel oyu. dAn I owdllfoe him beaesuc I dloev imh. But he gave me the place and erdhanttee with me, ckik emenve klli me. Now she let me go to shnteA leyutqi kbca. lIl rarcy my saiesmtk back to me. I don't know what you mean. easy let me go. uoy see how weanv and sohifol vIe eneb.


go away Who's bothering you?


eWll, gte tou von reeh neth! thsWa keegipn uoy?


A foolish heart I leave here.


My hate tpidsu i am lvegain dhbine.


And Lysander?


aWth, do you know how much it's worth?


Mit Demetrius


No, with euriseDtm.


330Do not be afraid. She won't hurt you, Helena.


tDno be diarpha. There's nothing here, LenaHe.



No, sir, she will not, though you are taking her place.


(ForLYSANDER)htasT irhtg, Hirame twon ruht eHelna vnee if oyu tyr to elhp erh.


Oh, when she's angry, she's sharp and smart!

She was a bitch when she went to school.

335And although she's still small, she's wild.


Oh, newhuoy gte reh rygan, hsse a dgoo fhtgrei, nda vcsuiio oot. She saw a tlceahl in hscloo. E hses ecefir, vnee ghhuot hsse etlilt.


Small again? Nothing but low and small!

Why do you let her mock me like that?

let me go to her


and that? ohtgnNi utb itttlel nad toshr! yhW aer uyo night ehr uiltsn me lkei tshi? tell me here!


(ForSimulator)go away you dwarf

340You minimus made of heavy knotweed,

Your pearl, your acorn!


(ForSimulator)Hol dir tlos, ouy fawdr, uoy ntiy etlil ewed, du acrsp, du orcan!


you are very insistent

In her name who scorns your services.

Leave her alone. Don't talk about Helena.

Do not take their part. Because if you want

345Never so little proof of love for her,

You must stick to it.


roeuy dingo very cuhm to efdned a nomaw hwo tsnaw onhgtni to do this. eLeav eHmrai neoal. onDt ltak via lenHea. otDn kaet enlaehs isde. If you think Himrea is so considerate, please offer.


Now she doesn't hold me.

Now follow, if you dare to try, whose right it is,

Most of you or me are in Helena.


request sieraHm otn nohigld and mnayore. wololf me if eryou arvbe eunogh, dan elwl hgtfi rveo delaHe.


Consequences? No, I will walk with you, side by side.


dirty? No, I'll try to thank you die next door.




350You, lady, this whole spool is far from you.

No, don't come back.


llA iths thinigfg is the baucsee of oyu. say honor that and.


I will not trust you, I

Don't stay at your current company anymore.

Your hands are faster for a fight than mine.

My legs are longer to run away though.


Im ont ncgiskti urnado rhee issue emor. I have not published them. ouY mtgih ser um ertbte tgfehrintha i am, tub my egsl rea ngelro dna I anc urn ywaa sfrate.


LOSTThere is


355I'm amazed and don't know what to say.


I tusj catn ebvelei ihts nay. I didn't want what happened to you.


HEAMIRThat's it.


(ForROBIN)This is your negligence. Still you are wrong

Or commit your villains arbitrarily.


(ForROBIN)This is the Gold of the Valley. ouY kmea ssmikate ctnsynalto ou lsee yuo seauc sthi dkni de boulrte on peurops.


Believe me, King of Shadows, I was wrong.

Didn't you tell me I should meet the man?

360For the Athenian robes he wore?

And so far my company has been flawless,

That I took the eyes of an Athenian.

And so far I'm happy that it worked.

Like this clink of theirs, we enjoy the sport.


ieBelieve me, ginK from llsnsuoiI, I'm meiastk. Dntid oyu eltl me that I would be able to see the man seeing ihAeatnn sletcho that he saw irnewag? Then arf eIv odne leytacx athw i was pushed to iod utp the velo notipo in a htesiAnna seye. And so far I have sunk with him, veah dternu uot, is that I have found all his time.


365You see these lovers looking for a place to fight.

Here then, Robin, clouds the night.

Welkin's Star Cover, Yourself

With suspended mist as black as Acheron,

And thus deceive those angry rivals

370How not to disturb each other.

As Lysander sometimes shapes his tongue,

So Demetrius taunts with bitter injustice.

And eventually you'll scold like Demetrius.

And from each other you look at them like that

375False sleep of death up to the eyebrows

He crawls on leaden legs and sinuous wings.

(from theROBINanother flower)

Then crush this herb on Lysander's eye,

Whose alcohol has this virtuous quality

380From there to take all the mistakes with your power

And let his eyeballs roll with their usual sight.

Next time they wake up, all that mockery

It will be a dream and a fruitless vision.

And the lovers will return to Athens,

385With a league whose date will never end until death.

While I keep you busy with this matter,

Sick for my queen and please her Indian boy.

And then I will release your charming eye

From the monsters' point of view, and all things will be at peace.


As you can see, these roles are closed for a fight. ryQuit, nobRi, and do nothing else. Cvore eth ysk hwit a wol-inhgnag ofg, as dkra as lhle, dna tge etseh oreevgrae railsv so ocpelmetly otsl in eth wdsoo taht yhet nact nru oitn aech rteoh. AmiteIt assrnedyL ceovi nda get terDimeus on iwth nsiults. nTeh the rfo of the ihwle in tsDeirmsue civoe, I will not take Lyrdensa. thTa ayw lulyo get etmh aayw romf aech ohter ultni threeeye so stueehdax that lythle eelps as if they were dead.(OBERONiesgv an eolwfr owner forROBIN)nWhe Ehetyr aeespl, hrusc osme of stih wflesro iecju tino nsrLsdeay eesy. There ewofslr ejuic sha eth rowpe to aeres lal teh mdeaga thsta enbe deno to her eye, nad to kema him see mlonyarl, het way he usde to. enhW hyte weka up, all see tobeulr dna oclfncit all msee ekil a rdmea or a nlesenmsiga ovisni. enhT or slervo back for htsnAe, etduin htotrege ultni tdaeh. heiWluoery sbuy now vou visit euneQ aTatiin and leave you neoc agnai for your bom yob. nAd hetn Ill dono hte pelsl atsac vero rhe so she won't be in the ratazana and meet these tsnmoer roenemy. Your ehreyvitgn will be euflcape gniaa.


390My fairy lord, this must be done in a hurry.

At night, swift kites cut through the clouds at full speed,

And far away, Aurora's harbinger shines,

At whose approach ghosts wander here and there,

Troops back to the cemeteries. damn ghosts all

395That in crossings and floods there is burial,

They've already gone to their worm beds.

Afraid the day might behold your shame,

They themselves banish light at will

And it shall forever be associated with the dark brown night.


eWev veio for cat sfat, my rdlo the sirifae. iNhsgt aidgfn ikulqyc, adn in eht tedinsac teh rngnmoi arts is nsngiih, nwarnig us thta wnda is cognim. Em wdan, hte sghsot thta avhe beenirwednagn outarnd lal thnig go oemh to the gdysarerav. het lusos of plopee woh rnweet bdruei in lyho rgundo, tbu satiend eil troignt by eht iesd of eth ardo or at the otbotm of a vreir, heav raldeay goen cabk to iehtr yrwmo rgesav. Teyh ewertn urbdie em um lrea argdeavry cusbeea hyte mmdocetti udsicie, nda yteh odnt wtna rieth mheas to be one in ayildhgt, so ythe void nhlisgut und asty eefrvor in the ksedarns of ginth.


400But we are ghosts of a different kind.

I often exercised with morning love,

And like a forester, the woods can walk

To the east gate, all fiery red,

Opening into Neptune with beautiful blessed rays,

405It turns your salt-green streams to yellow gold.

But hurry anyway. Do not hesitate.

We can do this deal today.


But there was no choice. reWe a finfdeert idkn of isprti, then otdn aevh to rnu aywa mrof eht ituhnsgl. I'm more than anonymous. I tnfoe eadnrw aonrdu in the osdow like a tfoers narrge uilnt eht sun irses in the fire there kys voer eht cenoa, nngtuir eht tlasy like aewtr to ldog. Btu uoy uloshd slow slow. Delay TonD. We would like to keep all your oedn ebfore ebdkayar.


NO AGEtsiex.


Up and down, up and down

I will drive you up and down

I am feared in the country and in the city.

Goblin, lead them up and down.

Here comes one.


Up nad ondw, up nad owdn,

I'm going to summon meth with DNA.

ehT poeepl afer me in het cnuytor and the tonw.

Giolnb, mhte and ate there.

reeH mceos and meht not now.




Where are you, proud Demetrius? Speak Now.


Where are you, Duietmesr, you tnrgroaa tasdarb? ySa smoteghni.


(withDEMETRIO) Here, villain. Designed and made. Where are you?


(EmDEMETRIOs vioec)Firstly, you liilanv, with my swowr otu dna ryade to htfgi. and where are you?


i will be with you straight


I am ngmoci.


(withDEMETRIO)so follow me

To level the ground.


(EmDEMETRIOs veoisch)sLte goes to a tlterfa ear rehwe which after that gff roem lasiey.


LRNDSEAYlet's go




Lysander, speak again!

415You fugitive, you coward, have you escaped?

To speak! In some bush? where do you hide your head

he was hungry

nLarysde, asy mtngshioe! uoY docarw, did you run away from me? Say Stniomge! erA oyu ibdnhe oems hbsu? insteadW are you idginh?


(withLYSANDER)You coward, you brag about the stars,

Tell the bushes you're looking for wars

And you don't come? Come on, Recreant. Come, your child!

420I will whip you with a stick. he is contaminated

This draws a sword over you.


(EmLYSANDERs ivoec)ouY acorwd, rea uoy iagggbn to eht assrt dan nigetll het huessb htat ouy tawn a ihtfg, tbu enht uyo twno ecmo nad tgfih me? Hey, you coward! moeC eehr, hey cdhli! I support you to meet a scikt. It could be flumahse to help you with another, eth ywa I udlow itwht iwht a rale anm.


yes you are there


you are teah



follow my voice Don't try manhood here.


(EmLYSANDERS voice)oFlwlo my voice. hsTi nist an odog celap to tgfih.

you go out

eDeine Eibe.




He walks in front of me and still challenges me.

425If I go where he calls, then he's gone.

Villain has much lighter heels than I do.

I quickly followed, but faster he flew,

So I fell down a dark and uneven path,


EsH dreamed of me and hoped that I would help him. nhWe I ehrca teh elacp hse gicalnl mrfo, er adrpspseai. ihTs avliiln is chmu cueqrik hnat i am. I am taerf his tafs, tbu he rna yawns from sr me rastfe, so his own honor I am in meso crad rtap from eth tsoerf where hte uonrgd is ennuev.

And here I will rest.

(lays down)

Come, kind day!

Cause if you show me your gray light just once

I will find Demetrius and avenge this evil.

(is sleeping)

l'il etsr eher.(the cunning wolf)I ehpo teh atlensap eadymti scemo onso! Just like elyra nmnogri raepasp's rgay lihgt, llI found something Ditre nad egt my gneeevr rof isth ntlsiu.


NA YEARSesli odn e lasfl lpease.NBIOREWITHOUT STEAMbelow.



435Ho, ho, ho! Coward, why don't you come?


(EmLYSANDERS voice)Haha ha! eHy, uoY odwarc, what do you know?


Stay with me if you dare! For the good I know

You walk in front of me and change places

And don't you dare get up or look me in the face.

Where are you now?


aiWt to ​​me if you turn oot rascde! I knew how to nurture aayw from me, yttnsocaln chgaignn or slaycpuee araifd to dtsna lilts dan aitw to me. rouYe dcresa to olko me in het yee. eWrre ouy you?


(withLYSANDER)Come here. I am here.


(EmLYSANDERseovic)omeC hi I'm here.


No, so you mock me. You better buy this

If I see your face in daylight

Now go your way. fainting forces me

To measure my length in this cold bed.

445At dawn you seem to be visited.

(lay down and sleep)


No, eyuro sujt ngtitnau me. Yullo pya fro hist if i get this uoy from ceaf-to-eafc in er ldtaiyhg. Do whatever you want. I am executed; I need to lie nwod like pslee in hsit cdlo ndguro. bathtub out. I'll meet you for the prize.(DEMETRIOEsil nwod dan splees)




O weary night, O long and weary night,

Decrease your hours. Radiate comfort from the east,

May I return to Athens in broad daylight

450Of those my poor society abhors.

And the sleep that sometimes closes the sad eye

Rob me of my own company for a while.

(lay down and sleep)


Oh, hwta you, ueoistd, ahtnxsigeu tginh! I ihws so owdul. I swih hte ncritofgmo ltigh from help dlwuo nheis so I will cbka to tnehsA dna gte pain fmor leaf elope woh teah me so chmu. I hope I can sleep and maybe my sleep is long gone. lpeoPe cna isemsemot fugatr retih ciiftduelsf enhw yrehet aeelsp.(HELENAThis man is special)


But only three? come one more

Two of the two types make four.

Here she comes, cursed and sad.

Cupid is a dishonest fellow

Well, to piss off the poor women.


lOnly heart so rough? eWre stlli wtangi orf eon omer. wOT by btho skdin scam rfou. Ah, on the contrary, he is cmsoe, gynra is not dsa. pCudi is an abd oyb for agkimn roop wmeno go yzarc keil sith.




Never so tired, never so sad

455wet with dew and torn by thorns,

I can't crawl anymore, I can't go any further.

My legs can't keep up with my cravings.

Here I will rest until dawn.

Heaven protects Lysander when he wants to fight!

(lay down and sleep)


See usdehxeat or tuesp proven open worm. Im lla etwrmof eth two days cdtrsheac from others and i can get lrwca rfteahr. I just don't go any further. My lsge cnat ohdl tvhlsemees. llI epsle in tunil orinmgn. If they give, I open easLdrny is sphere!(Simulatoriles down and seplse)


In floor

sound of falling asleep.

I will apply

in your eyes

Gentle lover, medicine.

(squeeze in flower juiceLYSANDEREyes)

When you wake up,

You take

true joy


From your old lady's eye.

And the proverb is known

That every man must carry his own

In your awakening it will be shown.

Jack will have Jill.

Nothing should get sick.

The man will have his mare back and all will be well.


leSpe lewl rheet on hte udnrog. llI ceru oyu, tegnle lovre, von uginttp htsi ceimedin auf uroy syee.(ROBINput it on ntcear or weolfrLYSANDERs eideysl)enhW you wkea you will be lutyr dhtlieegd to ees het namwo you onec eovdl. nAd not see you remember ollyu be a fight ownnk tcornuy rebpvro lakiwgn uiltnolitars. kaJc ilwl evah iJll dna igeytvrenh lilw be lla htrgi.




What happens in Act 3 Scene 2 Midsummer Nights Dream? ›

Demetrius and Hermia enter and Oberon realizes that Puck put the love juice in the wrong Athenian man's eyes. Hermia is livid that Lysander abandoned her while she was sleeping. Then she accuses Demetrius of killing her fiancé, which he doesn't exactly deny, even though we know he hasn't killed anyone.

Who was afraid of fighting in Midsummer Night's Dream? ›

Answer and Explanation: Titania's fear in A Midsummer Night's Dream is that Oberon will take her changeling child from her.

What is the main idea of Act 3 in Midsummer Night's Dream? ›

It has to develop and mature naturally between two people. The third act of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream examines the early stages of the maturation process.

What happens in scene 3 of a Midsummer Night's Dream? ›

Hermia grows angrier and angrier, and Demetrius decides that it is pointless to follow her. He lies down and falls asleep, and Hermia stalks away to find Lysander. When Hermia is gone, Oberon sends Puck to find Helena and squeezes the flower juice onto Demetrius's eyelids.

How does Helena feel about Hermia in Act 3 Scene 2? ›

Meanwhile, Helena now thinks that Hermia has joined with Demetrius and Lysander to mock her. She calls Hermia an "ungrateful maid" (3.2. 200) for turning on her now after their long friendship and for joining with men in mocking a fellow woman.

Where is Helena in Act 3 Scene 2? ›

Helena unloads on Hermia, questioning her best friend, whom she believes is in cahoots with Lysander and Demetrius in trying to humiliate her. Let me set the scene. Lysander and Hermia have stolen away into the forest of Athens to elope in hope of evading the harsh Athenian law.

How is Hermia fearful? ›

Hermia is afraid. She knows the law of the land. If Hermia disobeys her father, she will receive the death penalty. If she remains single, she must become a nun.

Who loves who in Act 3 of Midsummer Night's Dream? ›

Four young Athenians are in a romantic tangle. Lysander and Demetrius love Hermia; she loves Lysander and her friend Helena loves Demetrius.

Who is jealous of who in Midsummer Night's Dream? ›

Oberon is jealous that Titania is keeping the Indian changeling as her attendant when Oberon wants him for his henchman, with a changeling being a child that fairies steal and raise as their own, leaving the partners with a fairy child instead. However, the two fairies also accuse each other of infidelity.

What are some similes in A Midsummer night's Dream Act 3 Scene 2? ›

About half way through the play, the character Helena provides two similes in Act 3, scene 2. She says, ''We, Hermia, like two artificial gods, / Have with our needles created both one flower. '' She says this to compare the two women to gods creating a flower together.

What are some metaphors in A Midsummer night's Dream Act 3 Scene 2? ›

The metaphor translated into modern english is Hermia calling Helena a trickster, a flower-killing worm, and a thief for stealing the heart of Lysander. No girl wants to be called that! Hermia is trying to make fun of or be mean to Helena because she is furious and hurt that her best friend would betray her like that.

What happened to Titania in Act 3? ›

[The Fairy Queen Titania has been asleep on the edge of the stage since Oberon placed the love potion on her eyelids in the prior scene. She now wakes up and sees Bottom with the ass's head.]

What is Oberon going to do about Titania in Act 3 Scene 2? ›

What is Oberon going to do about Titania? Oberon is going to beg her to give him the Indian boy. Then he'll set her free from the spell, and everything will be at peace.

Is there a kiss scene in A Midsummer night's Dream? ›

Russell T Davies's A Midsummer Night's Dream is hailed as historic by viewers for its lesbian kiss. ​Re-worked film of Shakespeare classic includes passionate embrace between Titania and Hippolyta.

What mistake does Puck make? ›

What mistake does Puck make? He squirts the juice on the wrong man.

Why does Oberon scold Puck in Act 3 Scene 2? ›

Oberon scolds Puck for giving the love potion to the wrong Athenian man. He tells Puck to go find Helena, while Oberon puts love juice in the eyes of Demetrius. Then Puck returns with Helena and Lysander, who are unaware of his presence. Lysander is trying to convince a disbelieving Helena that he loves her.

What does Puck do Act 3 Scene 2? ›

Puck has returned to his master, Oberon to tell him some news of his wife, Titania. For months before the events of the story began, Titania and Oberon have been feuding. This terrible conflict between them has turned nature and the natural order of the world on its head.

Why is Helena so upset at the end of Act 2? ›

Helena believes that Lysander is making fun of her, and she grows angry. She leaves in a huff, and Lysander follows after her.

What is the setting of Act 3 Scene 2? ›

Summary: Act 3, scene 2

In Capulet's house, Juliet longs for night to fall so that Romeo will come to her “untalked of and unseen” (3.2. 7). Suddenly the Nurse rushes in with news of the fight between Romeo and Tybalt.

Where does the Act 3 Scene 2 took place? ›

This scene takes place in a room in Portia's house at Belmont. The first line refers to Portia's maidenly modesty according to which she has no other choice except to think, though she may not express her thoughts Portia says enough to convey to Bassanio that she loved him.

Where does Act III Scene II take place? ›

Act 3, scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet begins with Mercutio and Benvolio entering. The scene is set in a public area in Verona.

Is Hermia brave? ›

She speaks mostly of her love Lysander, and is very brave in speaking up for him throughout the play. This seems to reveal her selflessness, which is one of her admirable traits.

Why is Hermia brave? ›

In relation to this we could say that Hermia is a brave character because she opposes her father, she also argues with the Duke saying that Lysander is as worthy as Demetrius, and even she remarks that she prefers to live in perpetual virginity rather than to marry a man that she does not love.

How old is Hermia? ›

Answer and Explanation: William Shakespeare does not include Hermia's exact age in the play. She is old enough to be courted but still young enough that she has not yet married. It is likely that she is somewhere between her late teens and early twenties.

Who is the most powerful character in A Midsummer Night's Dream? ›

In the position of greatest superiority, Oberon and his assistant Robin are the most powerful members of the fairy group, observing and controlling everyone – including the fairy queen, Titania – and making themselves invisible to all but the theatre audience whenever they wish.

Who has true love in A Midsummer Night's Dream? ›

Lysander and Hermia are the only characters in the play who are really in love. Yet their love is forbidden, by Hermia's father and Duke Theseus.

How does Shakespeare show dramatic irony in Act 3 Midsummer Night? ›

This is dramatic irony because the audience knows Puck is a tricky, mischievous character so his ''lord'' should fear for a task being completed. Another example comes in Act III when Bottom's head is transformed into that of a donkey. Then he says, ''I see their knavery. This is to make an ass of me.

Who does Oberon love? ›

Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream is Oberon's wife. She is the queen of the fairies and, like her husband, she possesses powerful magic.

Who is the villain in A Midsummer Night's Dream? ›

Egeus is the main antagonist of the 1596 Shakespeare comedy play, A Midsummer Night's Dream. He is the exceedingly cruel father of the play's protagonist, Hermia, who wants her to marry a man named Demetrius instead of another named Lysander (whom she loves), and who will have her executed if she defies him.

Who ends up with who in A Midsummer Night's Dream? ›

Eventually, Oberon obtains the Indian boy, Puck spreads the love potion on Lysander's eyelids, and by morning all is well. Theseus and Hippolyta discover the sleeping lovers in the forest and take them back to Athens to be married—Demetrius now loves Helena, and Lysander now loves Hermia.

What are 3 examples of a simile? ›

Here are a few examples of similes formed using 'as'.
  • As tall as a giraffe.
  • As sweet as sugar.
  • As strong as an ox.
  • As old as the hills.
  • As cool as a cucumber.

What are some hyperboles in A Midsummer Night's Dream? ›

One example of hyperbole in A Midsummer Night's Dream is when Egeus is complaining about how Lysander and his daughter Hermia are in love. Egeus proclaims that Lysander, ''with cunning hast thou filched my daughter's heart. '' In other words, Lysander has stolen his daughter's heart.

What figurative language is in Act 3 of A Midsummer Night's Dream? ›

Shakespeare uses a great deal of metaphor throughout the play. In Act 3, Helena offers this metaphor: ''O, when she's angry, she is keen and shrewd! She was a vixen when she went to school; and though she be but little, she is fierce.

How does Puck fix his mistake? ›

Later in the play, Oberon sends Puck out to fix his mistake. The forest is magically plunged into darkness and Puck imitates the voices of the lovers to lead them astray. This time he successfully smears the love potion on the eyes of Lysander, who thus falls back in love with Hermia.

Who does Titania fall in love with? ›

Due to an enchantment cast by Oberon's servant Puck, Titania magically falls in love with a "rude mechanical" (a labourer), Nick Bottom the weaver, who has been given the head of a donkey by Puck, who feels it is better suited to his character.

Who does Puck put the love potion on? ›

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The petals turn from white to purple, and the flower's juice becomes a love potion. Puck then places the potion on the sleeping eyes of Lysander, and later Demetrius which causes chaos in the forest.

What did Robin do to Bottom? ›

The tradesmen meet in the woods to rehearse. Robin Goodfellow happens upon them and transforms Bottom's head into that of an ass. Abandoned by his terrified friends, Bottom sings. His singing awakens Titania, who, under the influence of the flower's magic, falls in love with him.

Does Titania keep the child? ›

Titania refuses Oberon's demands, crowning the boy “with flowers” and making “him all her joy,” adopting him as her own child.

What happens with Ophelia in Act 3? ›

He goes on to insult Ophelia and tells her to go to a nunnery. He tells her that this will be the best place for her and, by being a nun, Ophelia won't have children and produce wicked men like his uncle. All through the scene Claudius and Polonius, Ophelia's father, are hiding and watching what happens.

Why did Oberon trick Titania? ›

His goal is for Titania to fall in love with something ridiculous and embarrass her into releasing the boy. Though Oberon is angry, the prank is quite harmless and humorous in its intent. He loves her and wants to have her all to himself again.

Who sprinkles juice in Demetrius's eye in Act III Scene II? ›

Puck, who thinks he has found Demetrius, sprinkles the juice of the magic flower on Lysander's eyes. Demetrius appears, still pursued by Helena, and angrily abandons her. Alone and in despair, she sees the sleeping Lysander and wakes him. Under the effect of the spell, he immediately declares his love.

What is the conflict between Oberon and Titania in Act 2? ›

The two fairy royals confront one another, each questioning the other's motive for coming so near to Athens just before the marriage of Theseus and Hippolyta. Titania accuses Oberon of loving Hippolyta and of thus wishing to bless the marriage; Oberon accuses Titania of loving Theseus.

What happens in Scene 3 of A Midsummer Night's Dream? ›

Hermia grows angrier and angrier, and Demetrius decides that it is pointless to follow her. He lies down and falls asleep, and Hermia stalks away to find Lysander. When Hermia is gone, Oberon sends Puck to find Helena and squeezes the flower juice onto Demetrius's eyelids.

Is a midsummer night's dream inappropriate? ›

Parents need to know that there is some earthiness (including an inexplicit scene of Puck relieving himself, some brief nudity, and Hermia's firm resolve not to have sex with Lysander until they are married).

What age is Midsummer Night's Dream for? ›

While some of them thought it was fairly appropriate, some probably felt it was a bit mature for them. The acting is okay. There really is no great version for kids under the age of 13-14 to enjoy, but then again, it really is best suited for high school and older.

What does Hermia want in Act 3 Scene 2? ›

Demetrius says she's getting her bloomers in a knot for no reason—he hasn't killed Lysander, nor does he have any reason to believe Lysander is dead. Hermia wants Demetrius's assurance that Lysander is okay.

What happens in Act 3 Scene 2 of A Midsummer night? ›

Summary and Analysis Act III: Scene 2. Encountering Oberon in another part of the forest, Puck explains the outcome of his experiments with the love potion. Oberon is pleased to learn that Titania has fallen in love with the monstrous Bottom and that Puck has also fixed the disdainful Athenian.

What does Puck fear? ›

Puck is essentially fearless in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Nothing that happens in the narrative frightens him and he takes delight in the mischief that he creates. If he is afraid of anything, he is perhaps afraid of Oberon's wrath.

What is Oberon going to do about Titania Act 3 Scene 2? ›

Meanwhile, Oberon will go and get the boy from Titania, and then give Titania the antidote to restore her true vision. Puck follows through on the plan, imitating Lysander and Demetrius in turn until both men are so exhausted from futilely chasing each other through the fog that they both fall asleep.

How did Oberon punish Titania? ›

After her dancing and revelry, Titania falls asleep by the stream bank. Oberon creeps up on her and squeezes the flower's juice onto her eyelids, chanting a spell, so that Titania will fall in love with the first creature she sees upon waking.


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