How will Love Island's sleep routine affect islanders' bodies after they leave the mansion? (2023)

There are many things that make the idea of ​​staying inlove island villagetotally disgusting to me. A morning briefing where you have to confess all your feelings about the person you are with or not with before having a coffee? No thanks. Putting on heels every night to sit on a deck chair? I would go crazy. Being so bored you need to talk to the least interesting man in town? Suddenly the idea of ​​a free holiday in Mallorca—Where is the movie Love Island?- is much less desirable.

But there's one thing in particular about living in the village of Love Island that I'm sure would get me out of there faster thanLiam left love islandin the first week of this year's series: The Love Island Sleep Routine. don't just dolove island lineupthey have to share a bed with someone every night, usually someone they barely know or had an explosive argument with hours earlier, but their beds are inches from people, with no privacy from the other 11 islanders and several otherslove island couplesalso sleeping in the bedroom.

How will Love Island's sleep routine affect islanders' bodies after they leave the mansion? (1)

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Also, they are woken up by very bright light, so many of the islanders don't look so happy when we see them in bed in the morning and even have to take off their sunglasses in bed (although if we hadGemma's Love Island Sunglasses, we would wear them all day, every day).previous islandersrevealed that program participants often stay up very late, especially when large events such as meetings take place. ITV has not confirmed his exact bedtime, but interviews with islanders above suggest it could be as late as 3am. or 4 am some nights. Season 2 contestant Katy Mcdermottrevealed(opens in new tab)contestants wake up around 9:30 am every day, but can go to bed if they have stayed up late to get back together. However, enteringlove Islandvilla also means giving up your watch and your sense of time untillove island endsor you get kicked out of the village, as the islanders never know what time it is.

So now that the contestants have left the villa and returned to their real lives, particularly after long stints on the show, how might their real-life sleep routines be affected and what are the effects on their bodies? We spoke to the experts to find out...

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How does the Love Island sleep routine affect the contestants' bodies?

Our experts revealed what islanders will experience in their sleep patterns and how to adapt to real life...

How Love Island's sleep routine affects the contestants while they're in the villa

The sleeping arrangement on Love Island is highly unusual, so it's sure to come as a shock to the system for competitors entering the villa. This is especially true because an irregular sleep pattern can seriously affect the amount of rest you get. “We sleep best when we go to bed and wake up at the same time every day,” he says.Dra. Lindsay Browning(opens in new tab), psychologist and neuroscientist specializing in sleep. "This lets your body know when to be tired and when to be awake, allowing you to feel more refreshed when you wake up and fall asleep more easily when it's time to go to bed."

The previous sleep schedule of islets can also affect their circadian rhythm, which is ours.internal biological clockthat tells us when it's time to sleep and wake up. "If we change our bedtime and waketime, our circadian rhythm won't align with our new bedtime and we may have difficulty falling asleep or waking up," explains Dr. Browning. This is something that many people experience when suffering from jet lag, and you can also get a milder version of it if you stay up late on the weekends but go to bed early during the week. If helove IslandThe inconsistent sleep schedule as the islanders suggested could certainly affect the contestants' circadian rhythms in this way, which could lead to tiredness during the day.

How will Love Island's sleep routine affect islanders' bodies after they leave the mansion? (2)

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Sleep is not just important for good physical health, but research has found that it can also affect our mental health. FOR2010 study(opens in new tab)of 2619 people found that people with insomnia and short sleep duration were more likely to have clinically diagnosed depression or anxiety and that sleep problems often persisted after the anxiety or depression resolved. That's not ideal when Love Island was once criticized for not prioritizing the mental health of its islanders enough.

However, there is a silver lining to the Islanders' morning and bedtime routines when it comes to sleep health and that is lighting. According to sleep expertMartin Seeley(opens in new tab), being woken up by bright light is really beneficial for your body. “The amount of light a person sees or doesn't see plays a key role in their sleep pattern,” he explains. "Being exposed to bright light in the morning is a signal to the brain that it's time to wake up."

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How Love Island's Sleep Routine Will Affect Out-of-Village Contestants

So how hard will it be for the islanders to get into a normal sleep routine when they leave the village soon? This will likely depend on the individual and their sleep history.Investigation(opens in new tab)shows that only three to four nights of high-quality sleep are needed to recover from a poor sleep schedule, so for some Islanders their sleep schedule can quickly return to normal. But Dr. Browning says that islanders can experience jet lag if they are used to staying up so late.

“To change your time zone earlier, you should gradually shift your bedtime and wake-up time half an hour to an hour earlier every day until you reach your ideal bedtime and wake-up time. It's important to set an early morning alarm and stick to it," is her advice to this year's islanders, though that might be quite difficult for them with all the parties and events they'll be invited to now that you're out of town.

How will Love Island's sleep routine affect islanders' bodies after they leave the mansion? (3)

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Seeley recommends amorning exercise routineto help the islanders sleep well again; Not only is it something to get out of bed with, but it will also make them feel more tired and ready for sleep when bedtime comes. Restricting the time they spend on their phones will also be beneficial, especially as they don't spend as much time on their phones in the village (the infamous "I have a text message" line notwithstanding). This is because exposure to too much blue light, especially at night, can affect your sleep quality and ability to fall asleep. Use something calming like ameditation appor thebest crystals for sleepingit can help them get into a calm state as well.

Hopefully everyone managed to restart well!


Do love Islanders get condoms? ›

Love Island have their own branded condoms

Well, it turns out they are supplied with Love Island branded condoms - as revealed by former Islander Sophie Gradon. There's a supply of around 200 of them for the islanders to use during their stay.

Do they wash the sheets on Love Island? ›

Who cleans the Love Island villa? A cleaner comes into the villa once a week to give it a spruce up and change all the bed sheets.

Are Love Island contestants allowed to sleep together? ›

Firstly, they're not allowed to choose when they go to bed, as producers tell them when they can sleep, and secondly, they don't get the privacy of their own bedroom. The villa has a communal bedroom and the Islanders also need to share a bed with a fellow contestant.

What are the bed rules in Love Island? ›

Sleeping and bed-sharing rules on Love Island

Well, basically, the rules say that Islandersshould share a bed with who they're coupled with - and who they're coupled with is just based on the fire-side ceremonies. As always - and as they've repeatedly done - Islanders are of course not forced to sleep anywhere.

Who cleans the villa on Love Island? ›

Who cleans the Love Island villa? According to OK!, the islanders are encouraged to keep the villa clean and tidy themselves whether that's picking up their dirty clothes are tidying away any used dishes. A spokesperson explained: "They are encouraged to clean up after themselves."

Do Love Islanders get free clothes? ›

While Islanders are allowed to wear their own clothes, they are also lucky enough to be given a continuous flow of new clothes to wear as part of partnerships with the show's sponsors.

Why do they all wear sunglasses in bed on Love Island? ›

Love Island Australia stars have revealed the reason why they wear sunglasses while lying in bed. During a Q&A session with the show's fans, the islanders revealed they wear glasses in bed because the bedroom lights are bright. 'It so bright, it's brighter than the sun,' Phoebe H said in the video posted to 9Now.

What time do they go to bed and wake up on Love Island? ›

What time do they wake up on Love Island? The islanders are said to not have a set wake-up time but they are woken up by the producers when they turn on the lights. Their wake-up time is said to vary depending on whether they have had a big night the night before, including any recouplings or dumpings.

Who cooks food on Love Island? ›

Ever wondered why you don't see the Islanders eat dinner on the show? That's because it's cooked for them by a team of caterers. The islanders make their own breakfast and lunch but everything else is done for them, which is why it's never shown on TV.

Do Love Island contestants get STD tested? ›

The show provides the necessary protection, so just be safe. The show does do strict testing beforehand just to make sure that everyone going on there is clean.”

What happens if you get your period on Love Island? ›

She explained that it would be a similar scenario to menstruating on holiday, you just have to "get on with it". "We just get on with it, like you would do if you're on holiday," she added. Amy admitted she had tried to make sure she wouldn't hit her time of the month while filming.

Can two people sleep in the doghouse Love Island? ›

In past series, islanders unhappy in their coupling would sleep outside on the day beds, but the new villa doesn't have any and instead just has 'the doghouse' where Luca has been sleeping. They explained: “Everyone complaining about Gemma not sleeping with Luca : The rules are you can only share with your partner.

Are they drinking water on Love Island? ›

Whenever the girls and boys get ready for a night in the villa, it seems, from the outside, that drinks (of the alcoholic kind) are flowing. However, the islanders are limited to how much they can consume per night. But don't worry, water is not kept to a minimum.

What is not allowed on Love Island? ›

No inappropriate language, behaviour or physical violence

Inappropriate behaviour is at producers' discretion and would include violence and sexual harassment. It could also cover homophobic, racist or aggressive language.

What are they not allowed to talk about on Love Island? ›

Offensive slurs are banned

It is against the Love Island rules to be racist, sexist or homophobic. This means islanders must ensure they keep their language clean while appearing on the dating show or they may be removed from the island for good.

Do Islanders get paid on Love Island? ›

Yes, the contestants do get paid for being on the show. Not only do the Islanders receive a fee for being in the villa, they gain the opportunity to build their television profiles from their time on the popular TV show.

Do Love Islanders get their nails done in the villa? ›

The Love Island contestants are allowed to some time out to get their hair and nails done while in the villa.

Is there only one bathroom in the Love Island villa? ›

The toilet situation

There are two toilets in the villa - one upstairs and one downstairs - and no cameras inside. There are no neon lights or quirky 'crack on' signs in here. Seeing as the toilets are completely off camera no effort is made to continue the Love Island theme.

Do love islanders get to keep the phones? ›

However, it's been revealed that many contestants don't get to see their pictures after the show is finished as they don't get to keep their smartphones.

WHO is providing clothes for Love Island? ›

In a surprising move, the reality dating show swapped its fast fashion sponsors — which have previously included Missguided and I Saw It First — for secondhand platform Ebay. Now, Ebay will return as official sponsor for series nine, starting on 16 January.

Can you smoke on Love Island? ›

From the 2019 series onwards, islanders are still allowed to smoke – but away from the villa (and the cameras) in a 'designated smoking area'. Islanders aren't allowed to smoke in groups, either, to discourage social smoking – and presumably, so important conversations between contestants can still be shown on screen.

Why do they carry around water bottles on Love Island? ›

If you've been on TikTok within the past year, then you've probably heard of the emotional support water bottle - and it makes sense why the Islanders seem to have the bottles in their hands more often than their villa phone. Whenever you feel awkward, or need to pause, you can simply drink from your water bottle.

Do they do their own makeup on Love Island? ›

The Islanders have to do their own hair and makeup

"You do your own make-up and I think we had our hair done once for the final. “So the whole six weeks, all the boys were going mad because they couldn't have their trims.

How many beds are in Love Island? ›

While the bedroom and sleeping area is larger than in previous years, the six beds now face each other. This will give contestants hardly any privacy but will be more similar to series one. It will create a much more intimate sleeping arrangement.

How do meals work on Love Island? ›

Every morning it is up to the Islanders to make their own breakfast and lunch, with the villa kitchen constantly being restocked with snacks and drinks so that contestants are never left hungry.

What do Love Island contestants do all day? ›

You get one day off per week,' he said, 'What happens is, it gives them a day to clean the villa, and you take your mics off, and normally we go to the beach.

How much do contestants get paid on Love Island? ›

According to Jay, Islanders get "minimum wage" while they're in the villa as well as extra one-off payments for any sponsored or branded content. Speaking on The Big Jim Show, he explained, "Once they send through the contract, I think they pay you like £375 a week. It's very low; it's like minimum wage.

What do Love Island eat for dinner? ›

Food usually consists of salads or meat cooked over a barbecue. Islanders usually eat their dinner with the production team. Meal times don't appear on the show because it is used as downtime for the contestants to allow them to have a break from the cameras.

What do love Islanders do on their day off? ›

Love island 2017 winner Kem Cetinay revealed that islanders normally go to the beach and get to take their mics off. He said: "What happens is, it gives them a day to clean the villa, and you take your mics off, and normally we go to the beach.”

Do Love Island contestants get waxed? ›

Do Love Island contestants get waxed? WHILE the islanders always look perfectly preened, series two runner-up Olivia Buckland, 27, revealed there were no professional bikini waxes on offer. Instead, contestants could request a waxing kit from the producers and get another girl to do it.

Who has a physical disability on Love Island? ›

Hugo, a PE teacher who has previously boasted he's a "fine shagger", was born with clubfoot and underwent several operations as a child.

Is Love Island staged or scripted? ›

No, Love Island is not scripted.

In a statement to Metro, the show reportedly said: “As anyone who watches the show regularly would know, Love Island is a combination of reality and produced elements that are reflective of what's happening in the villa, and is a fair and accurate representation of villa life.

Do Love Island contestants get told what to say? ›

With a helping hand from producers, the Islanders are essentially 'told what to say'. 2021 Islander Georgia previously said: “The Beach Hut is open to you whenever you want and it's kind of a bit of a time-out zone.

Do Love Island contestants get money for clothes? ›

A Love Island Insider Revealed The Islanders Get A Huge Clothing Allowance, On-Site Counsellors & Chefs. A lot goes on behind the scenes that we don't know about. 'Love Island' has well and truly got its claws into the nation and now an insider has come out to reveal exactly what goes on inside the 'Love Island' villa.

Are they not allowed in the pool on Love Island? ›

Love Island contestants strut around the infinity pool in tiny bikinis and swimming costumes, but they are never actually spotted swimming in the pool.

Does Luca from Love Island drink alcohol? ›

One contestant in the current Love Island, Luca Bish, made headlines when he said: “I don't drink.” And, thanks to secrets spilled by former contestants, viewers now know about the strict two-tipples-a-night rule.

Can you hire the Love Island house? ›

Can you rent out the Love Island villa? Yes! The luxurious chateau features everything you could possibly want from your dream vacation, boasting six bedrooms, a terrace, a panoramic view of the hills as well as an infinity pool.

How many showers does Love Island have? ›

'Love Island has 2 showers for 18 people - booking a slot is stressy,' says Islander - OK! Magazine.

What does opening the salon mean in Love Island? ›

What does 'opening the salon' mean in Love Island? The salon refers to their sexual interactions so far - so, when Islanders have said their salon is not open just yet, it means they've stuck with just kissing their partner for now.

Who smokes on Love Island? ›

During last summer's Love Island, Casa Amor bombshell Josh Le Grove, revealed that the only person who smoked in the villa was Davide and Adam Collard vaped.

Does someone in Love Island have a disability? ›

Love Island is trying to showcase more diversity when it comes to disability representation and has previously featured Hugo Hammond, the first islander with a physical disability, and last year Tasha Ghouri, the first deaf contestant.

Do Love Islanders get waxed? ›

Do Love Island contestants get waxed? WHILE the islanders always look perfectly preened, series two runner-up Olivia Buckland, 27, revealed there were no professional bikini waxes on offer. Instead, contestants could request a waxing kit from the producers and get another girl to do it.

What are love Islanders allowed to do on their phones? ›

The phones have no internet access but the Islanders can text each other, as well as take selfies and videos, many of which are posted on the official Love Island social media pages.

Do any of the Love Islanders smoke? ›

"Quite a few of the Islanders vape. I believe Shaq [Muhammad] and Tanyel [Revan] vape and Ellie [Spence] smokes," she exclusively told Closer Online. She then went on to add, "So to vape or smoke and have a break, you have to ask/request it and then you go outside the villa - just to the front door.

What happens behind the scenes of Love Island? ›

"There are cameras just posted around the villa, that's it." It's the opposite when it comes to filming confessionals in the "beach hut." According to the former contestant, "It's literally just a camera and a producer's voice is coming out of the camera asking you questions.

How do the girls on Love Island stay hairless? ›

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But during the episode, new bombshell Rosie Seabrook made a comment about her arms, admitting she always keeps them hair-free by waxing them entirely.

Do Love Island girls shave? ›

The girls have been showing viewers how flawless they are for some weeks now - including how they managed to stay hairless for all these weeks. Previously, former Love Island contestant Amy Hart explained that razors were banned in the villa.

What can't they talk about on Love Island? ›

You can't talk about your relationship on Saturdays

'But that wasn't the only startling revelation, he also admitted that producers watch Islanders like a hawk because they're not actually allowed to discuss their relationships.

What are they not allowed to do on Love Island? ›

No Bullying, Violence or Inappropriate Language

Inappropriate language applies it to racial slurs, homophobic and aggressive comments. Also included in this rule is sexual harassment. Throughout the show's history, two stars have been removed for breaking this rule.

Do they drink real alcohol on Love Island? ›

Yes, the Islanders can drink- they all enjoyed a glass or two of prosecco during the launch show -but they are limited. Unlike some reality TV hits (ahem, Geordie Shore), Love Island stars aren't allowed to get sloshed on the show.

Who cooks dinner on Love Island? ›

Ever wondered why you don't see the Islanders eat dinner on the show? That's because it's cooked for them by a team of caterers. The islanders make their own breakfast and lunch but everything else is done for them, which is why it's never shown on TV.

Why don't they go in the pool on Love Island? ›

Well, in case you were wondering why they don't use the pool, according to 2016 Love Island star Kady McDermott, the reason is due the temperature of the water. Speaking to OK! Online, Kady said, 'We didn't actually get in the pool a lot because it's so cold.

Do people on Love Island snore? ›

Love Island 's Nas Majeed dropped a bombshell last night and exposed that the ladies are the biggest snorers in the villa. The 23-year-old builder from London didn't have a great start to the show as none of the girls stepped forward for him, but has since warmed up to his fellow Islanders.


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