What does it mean to say "I don't want to work anymore" (2023)

I don't want to work anymore

I need a break. A long rest. I don't want to work today, tomorrow or next week. I want to take a vacation, a vacation that lasts forever.

I don't want to go back to work.

Any time.

I hate my profession. I hate my boss. But you are not aloneThat's itwork orThat's itboss. I hate having to have a jobanywork. I hate working for someone else, someone who always checks in and asks me to do a little more.

Aaaay maybe a little more?

How about a little more?

No. I can't give a little more. I hate this brutal, empty, endless cycle.

I hate working. Period.

I'm tired of spending my time doing something I don't want to do. I'm tired of living my life on someone else's terms.

I'm tired of people telling me I shouldn'tin realityIt means that I don't want to work anymore, thata Normal peopleit shouldwant to work, that all I have to do is meetother work. I don't want a new job. I don't want to use what little free time I have now browsing websites, updating my resume, writing cover letters and going to interviews so I can lie and force myself to smile through clenched teeth:

“Wow, thank you so much for the opportunity! Yes, I would love to work here! I am an entrepreneur and a team player! I think I would be a great asset to your company! This is my dream job!”I don't have a dream job. My dream is to lie on an empty beach and stare into the sun until my eyes hurt, my brain melts, until I become one with the sand and waves.I'm tired of the noise: the clicks and key presses, the phones ringing, the colleague clearing his throat, the customer stomping his foot. The constant demands. The incessant emails and calls. Early mornings and late nights. I'm tired, I'm completely exhausted. I'm overworked and underpaid. I'm bored, drained and angry. I am upset.

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This whole stupid system pisses me off.

Why do I need a job? why someone? How is it that some people never have to work a day in their lives, while others spend every moment of their day working so hard for next to nothing? The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, blah blah blah.

smells bad He literally takes people's lives.

I look in the mirror and I don't recognize my face. I was wrinkled and hunched over. Work changed me. It turned me into an ugly, sad old goblin.

Life wasn't always like this. I was a child once. I played in the grass, explored, made friends, marveled at the beauty of the world, fell madly in love.

Now, I'm another soulless, miserable adult. Another goblin in a button-up shirt holding a cup of rotten coffee. Now I'm working or desperately trying to escape work, trying to get the weeds out of my mind so I can go just one day, just one hour, without thinking about my work.

I have nightmares about work. I wake up in a panic, realizing that I forgot to tell someone something or do something in time.

I feel sick. I feel nauseous. I have a stomachache. My head hurts. My hands shake. My eyelids flutter. I am constantly stressed and worried. I've given it all I've got and it's not enough. If anyone asks me for more, I might break.

I'm done with work. D-O-N-E, done-done, legitimately and officially done with the job.Work sucks.And guess what?

I'm done with this shit!

Ufa. It was good to write. If you haven't written your feelings down recently I highly recommend it, it's quite cathartic.

Now, let's take stock of where we are. How did you feel when you read the words above?

If you've found anything or all of this related, if you've been feeling defeated, overwhelmed, and exploited lately, I encourage you to stick around and keep reading.

If you thought, "Wow, that's pretty dramatic, I've had a few bad days, but come on, work isn'tthatbad”, feel free to close this tab and read another article.We have hundreds to choose from.

Go ahead and click that X. Bye! Enjoy your-aham-professional career!

Alright, now that the sheep are gone, I'll clear it up with you. You are here for a reason. You typed "I don't want to work anymore" into a search engine or clicked on a link to this article for some reason.

Maybe you're here because you werefiredrecently and noticed how much nicer his life has become since he lost his job. And now you wonder if you really need to get back into the working world.

Or maybe you're here because anything that takes the hustle, support, and bread-buy mentality a bit seems like a ray of hope in an increasingly greedy corporate society.

Anyway, you're here because deep down you already know the truth:

To workesShit.

It is a steal.You, my friend, are being used.Someone somewhere is using you, your body, your energy, your ideas, to make money for themselves. They are using you to do something they don't want to do themselves.

You know the saying “time is money”? Is not true. They say to make you feel better wasting time making money. Time is much, much more valuable than money.

Money comes and goes. Time simply passes.

When you trade your time for money, someone else takes your time in exchange for the money you will give them back.

Follow me here? They're paying you to waste your life making money—the same money they will use to pay you to do it again tomorrow.

However, every second is a second you will never get back. Every bad day at work is a day of your life that is stolen. You have every right to be angry. What your boss is doing to you is wrong. Work is theft: a theft of time, theft of dignity, theft of humanity. It must be illegal.

and if you areyour own boss, Bom…

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Certainly not ALL work sucks...right?

What about all jobs that are necessary, useful, or creatively satisfying?

What about doctors, teachers, farmers, scientists, artists, musicians and social workers?

Yes, these jobs suck too. The things these people do are certainly important, but the economic structure that surrounds them is false. The economic value we attach to actions like planting seeds, healing the sick, or unlocking the secrets and wonders of the universe is entirely artificial. It's made up.

Money is invented. You can have too much of it, andit will not improve your life.

This means that there is always something driving the work beyond the importance of the work itself. There's always a layer of shit. A layer of cash. One might argue,as many ter, that this layer stinks of things and casts a shadow, that money devalues ​​work and, ultimately, the people doing the work.

Isn't a paycheck worth more than saving someone's life, or giving meaning to a life? How to assign value to something like that?

And yet, in our society, we do. We define people by what they do and, often, how much money they earn. This is capitalism. It's not a perfect system by any means, but it's the system we live in. We can try to ignore its flaws, or we can try to find an alternative (people smarter than meter imagined a some), but for now, let's stick with it.

This means that there is an inherent tension betweenwhat we want to doywhat do we have to do to survive. We need money to feed, shelter and clothe; and pay for access to the things that make life worthwhile. To earn this money, we have to work. And, with the exception of a lucky few, most of us have to keep working for years and years, far beyond the point where we feel interested in our work or physically and mentally capable of doing it.

I'm talking about five or six decades of work. That's an extremely long time to do anything. You might be doing something you love: curing diseases, studying ancient Greece, or teaching kids to finger paint, but at some point you'll get tired of it. The less you like your work, the faster it will happen. It's only a matter of time.

It's a trap.

When you get to the point where you'd rather stay in bed than face another day at work, the world will do everything it can to convince you that you're the one who needs fixing, that your feelings of burnout are your fault. .

You just need a break and then you can get back to work.

You wouldn't feel this way if you had a job you really enjoyed.

You have to start taking better care of yourself.

You are letting people down.

You have the right.

you are lazy

I am forpersonal careand to recognize mental health problems, butlet's go.Are we really supposed to be happy little worker bees for life?

What if some element of the depression or anxiety you feel is a response to your circumstances?

And if you feel tired all the time becausesonTired all the time?

And if you're reading an article focused on the phrase "I don't want to work anymore" because, honestly,You don't want to work anymore?

What if you're a human being, a life form on planet Earth with biological needs and desires that have nothing to do with a system we've created in an attempt to divide limited resources fairly?

Here's a fun fact for you:most primates sleep between 9 and 15 hours a day. That's twice as long as our species tends to sleep. Even the least productive members of society work harder than the most industrious apes.

There's that word: productivity.

"Productivity." ¡Bah!Is that what it means?If you spent eight hours entering data into spreadsheets, the world would consider you productive. If you spent the same amount of time playingyou sims, you are lazy and should feel bad about yourself.

But what if you streamed yourself on Twitch playing the game?you simsfor eight hours andearned ad revenuefor that? That counts as work, right?

Or if you like entering data for fun? What if you're using that spreadsheet to organize your record collection and you don't get paid for it?

Is volunteering work? Is teaching or firefighting "productive" if you're not making money?

Esuseless and unnecessary workreally a job? If your work doesn't make the world better, is there any productivity worth noting?

Again, it all comes down to money. Productivity, as defined by our society, has nothing to do with the amount of work you do, but ratherthe amount of money you generate.

With that in mind, the real issues underlying all of this should be clear.

When people say you have to keep working, what they are really saying is "you have to keep making money".

When they complain that you're lazy, they say, "you have to fulfill our social contract."

When they ask you to take care of yourself, they are saying, "you have to keep the money machine in good condition".

Are you ready to quit your job? Discover!

So what does it mean to say “I don't want to work anymore”?

It can mean a few different things:

1. "I am no longer able to do any kind of work."The machine is broken. There's nothing left of you, not now, maybe forever. You need to quit your job and rest for a long, long time.

2. "I'm tired of making money."Capitalism and meaning have become two completely different and irreconcilable categories for you. You still have energy and passion for something, but that something is not work. You need to find a way to survive that isn't trading your time for money.

3. "I need to find another way to make money."This is where most people end up. You don't necessarily want to break free from a capitalist system, but you also can't imagine yourself doing what you've been doing much longer. At this point, you have several options:

  • work less.
  • Find another occupation (or aprofitable side hustle).
  • Find an alternative method of earning a living (eg.digital nomad, selling their stuff).
  • Live more frugally.
  • Leave early.

Depending on your goals and circumstances, you may be able to do one or more of the above at this time, or you may have to wait and—Sighto workget there

Don't waste any more of your precious time on this planet doing silly things. We have the tools you need to live life your way.

Start here.

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